Who are you: James Seaton

What is your work: Co-founder and Creative Director of Toast

What is your website: www.toast.co.uk

Describe your work in 5 words? Thinking, questioning, suggesting, tweaking, directing.

What is the first thing you do when you get to work? Open the blinds, check emails and get coffee.

Why do you love what you do? Days of continuous and varied invention, in collaboration with good people.

What can’t you work without? A pencil and paper.

Who or what inspires you? Too long a list to list – many, many things and people. But, prosaically, long walking clears the head and lets the ideas flow.

What is the best advice you have received? Shockingly, I can’t think of any. I’m afraid I might be a chronic ignorer of advice – not, I’m sure, a good trait!

One moment you will never forget? May I have two? The births of my children – of course!

What are you working on at the moment? The remaining SS13 Toast books – women’s, men’s, house&home; wrapping up AW13’s ranges and planning their photoshoots; and just starting SS14 designing. Plus a background noise of 101 other things!

What’s your proudest career achievement? Toast – while always remembering it’s only a work in progress.

What’s been your best decision? Marrying my wife. 

Which phrase do you most overuse? I swear too much.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life? I would say – more time, more freedom, more of the wild outdoors. But there are lots of tales of people being blighted by having their wishes granted. So – who knows?

What have you learnt the hard way? Almost everything – see answer above concerning advice.

If you could do another job what would you like to do and why? I’m pretty happy with the job I have. There are other things I’d like to do – but they’re not really jobs.

If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it? Stop and stare – and relish it.

What dream do you still want to fulfill? May I not say? There are things I would like to do – but I’m superstitious, embarrassingly, about revealing them.

How would you like to be remembered? Not something I’ve thought about - with affection, perhaps. That would be okay.

Thank you James for talking to The Lifestyle Editor.



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