Need a place to getaway from it all to start writing that novel, run your own business, indulge in your hobby…then doing it in a shed is where it’s at! My Cool Shed by Jane Field-Lewis, features 35 sheds, small cabins, garden rooms, beach huts, modern architectural mini masterpieces and other small spaces given purpose by their owners to pursue their hobbies, careers, creative endeavours or just to find some peace and solitude. This is not a ‘how to’ book, although a sourcebook is included - but more of a ‘feel good’ book and provider of inspiration. Jane is a London-based stylist working in film and photography and co-owner of a 1970s retro–modern styled caravan – a perfect little hideaway where it is easy to be creative. Jane has an enduring love for the hideaway, from vintage caravan to campervan, and a career based on the aesthetic, whether high or low style, natural or created. She has, of course, her own shed, which has been an inspiration for her throughout the seasons. Take a look at her other titles My Cool Caravan and My Cool Campervan. My Cool Shed by Jane Field-Lewis and published by Pavillion £14.99 and available to buy online here.